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Benefits: Stay-fresh Can

If you consider the full nutritional balance and health-boosting effect of beetroot or sauerkraut, which were already used in seafarers’ times as a natural and long-lasting source of vitamin C, our products are promoted from good, honest but sometimes old-fashioned traditional fare to regional superfoods with a sustainable eco-balance compared to other exotic foods in this segment like the South American acai berry, etc.

Is fresh always better?

A supposedly fresh vegetable in retail is only actually fresh for its respective harvest seasons. These usually only last a few weeks a year.

And the rest of the year?

We are supplied from warehouses or abroad.

Which means the beautifully presented product has either been stored for months with a corresponding loss of nutrients.  Or it is imported from faraway countries with legal requirements for production unknown to us and considerable logistical effort with corresponding eco-balance.

Vegetables in the stay-fresh can, which usually reach our production from the field within a day and are processed there with great care and made non-perishable using gentle processes, then don’t just seem like the more convenient alternative but often also the better alternative.

Besides this aspect, the can impresses with the following benefits:

    Canned foods provide healthy indulgence. They offer similarly high nutritional values to freshly prepared foods.
  • SAVE
    Cans offer perfect protection without any compromises – whether it’s with transport, storage or on shop shelves.
    Cans preserve foods and valuable nutrients for an extremely long time – for three years at least.
    Cans make foods naturally non-perishable without any preservatives.
    Steel cans are recycling champions. They can be completely recycled – often endlessly.

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