Straubinger Konserven- und Sauerkrautfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
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Lived Tradition

Where we come from … as only those with roots can bear fruits!

Our roots are in the traditional of Lower Bavaria’s Gäuboden region.

Alfons Buchner

Alfons Buchner, founder of the Straubinger Konserven- und Sauerkrautfabrik factory, came from one of the region’s largest estates. His sound knowledge and basic understanding for his products’ main raw material grew with him from a young age.

He started preserving good regional crops in 1962. First of all he used rooms at an agricultural farmstead in his home village of Ittling near Straubing for this.

The first halls are already built in Straubing-Sand in the mid-1960s.

In 1971 he took the brave step to move to today’s location in Straubing-Sand. Where he had room to successfully develop his company.

The Straubing-Sand port was developed very close to us in the mid-1990s.

Thus confirming our good choice of location. Today we are in the middle of a prime developed industrial park with trimodal transport links. Situated close to the A3 and A92 motorways and still in the heart of our farming region.

Alfons Buchner’s daughter, Simone Buchner joins the company in 2001. Simone Buchner-Köck manages the solid family-run company with her husband Jochen Köck continuing the lived tradition.